Vertical Farming:

Vertical Farming has become an increasing trend in agriculture and has a number of advantages that largely benefit cannabis over standard food crop production. The energy required to cultivate plants in a vertical farm is far greater than in a standard greenhouse or field crop setting. Not all crop types have the marketable profitability to be vertically farmed, but cannabis does. We view vertical farming cannabis as a large advantage in a number of regions depending on regulatory requirements.

Vertical farming indoors:

Vertically farming cannabis will largely benefit cultivators in states that are not limited to a canopy square footage requirement. In situations where you are limited in your permitted canopy size the focus should be growing the most dense/thick canopy possible. With these requirements you would grow a tall thick flower canopy using high intensity lighting and possibly adding side lighting in certain cases.

In states where you can grow an unlimited canopy in a given permitted space, the focus should be vertical farming to maximize your total canopy surface area and not canopy depth. In these states we employ custom vertical farming racking systems that are engineered for cannabis management. The "sea of green system" method of cannabis crop production, being used in a vertical cultivation system, is actually easier to manage in a number of ways. Contact us to learn more,

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