Cultivation Suppliers division supplies cultivators with full turn-key greenhouse packages that provide a spectrum of automated solutions designed for your unique horticultural needs. Our modular greenhouse packages provide your company with a baseline to get started, and each of these packages can be scaled up and tailored to your production style as your production grows. We also offer fully customized greenhouses to provide you with the ability to create something completely unique to your needs. CS will design a greenhouse facility with your specified environmental requirements and production type. Our contracted building team will take your greenhouse project from conceptual design to a fully implemented production center with automated controls. Greenhouse design and construction is a highly specialized process that requires experience and a broad skill set. CS will handle all phases of your greenhouse build from build-site preparation, laying of the foundation, greenhouse construction, electrical wiring and plumbing to automated heating and cooling as well as growing system implementation. Your greenhouse will be fully completed and ready to plant or as we say, Good to Grow!

Light Deprivation Greenhouses!

Our company has partnered with a specialized team to build-out or retrofit greenhouses providing full light deprivation capability. We can build out any of our packages with this automated system. Why light deprivation (or light dep.)? This process shortens your day cycle, forcing plants into flower at any time of year in your greenhouse. Light dep is becoming a widely used technique that allows production facilities to cultivate more crop cycles per year. Our greenhouses use automated black-out curtain material to create any light cycle your crop type needs to induce flowering or fruiting.

CS Greenhouse Services Cover

  • Build-site preparation
  • Full Greenhouse construction
  • Grow system design
  • Greenhouse retrofits
  • Professional grade ventilation, cooling, and heating equipment
  • Automated Light Deprivation Systems
  • Automated Shade Systems
  • Supplemental or stand alone lighting
  • Pest prevention systems
  • Rolling bench systems for grow tables
  • Automated environmental control equipment
  • Turn-key hydroponic or automated grow systems
  • Permitting & processing
  • Architectural, civil, mechanical & electrical engineering

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 Liquid Propane Natural Gas

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 Slab Dirt

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 Solar Light North Slope Thermolator

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What sidewall/eave height are you looking for?

Note:Columns are every 12’, starting at 24’

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Endwall Options

 Metal Siding(white) 8mm Twinwall Polycarbonate Corrugated Polycarbonate

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Prime House Greenhouses

Our Prime House S.L. is known for it’s design quality making it the premier choice for high volume cannabis cultivation centers. The Prime House S.L. is the best greenhouse for high value crops and is the number one option for cannabis research and development needs.

Cannabis production requires a tightly regulated environment managed through precision controls, operating at the highest level of efficiency. The focus is to produce a better quality product, consistently, and in the shortest amount of time. Growers must have an advantage over warehouse, outdoor, and hobby greenhouse competition. This can only be accomplished by producing a better quality product and by getting the most out of your greenhouse production.

The Prime House S.L. has the option of coming fully equipped with an automated light deprivation system, allowing you to flower plants any time of the year.

The Prime House S.L. provides many options, allowing growers to take full advantage of production efficiency and energy saving innovations. Options include light deprivation, watering booms, commercial lighting, heating, premium ventilation equipment, rolling benching, and transportation systems. Any option or combination of options needed to optimize the Prime House S.L. are available through CS.

House Dimensions:
Widths of 18’, 24’, 30’, 36’, 42’, and 50’.
Eave heights of 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’.
Other widths and eave heights are available upon request.

The Prime House S.L. will stand up to any environment for years to come. Many cultivators have nicknamed this model the “Dry House” because competitor greenhouses leak within a few years, where the Prime House S.L. has a 10 year warranty. We have Prime House P.L. structures that are over 30 years old and are still completely weather proof.

  • 6:12 Roof pitch ensures condensation that forms on the inside of the roof and channels it outside the greenhouse running down the panels rather than dripping onto your crop.
  • The purlins have been specifically formed to channel and collect condensation that drops to the special “V” in the top chord and travels into the gutter for optional collection.
  • Increased air mass in the roof keeps the temperature inside the greenhouse cooler in the summer and more stable all year.
  • Tall peak makes the Solar Light roof vent very effective at venting the hot air out of the greenhouse.

Light Deprivation

Why light deprivation, or light dep.? This is a process of shortening your day cycle to force plants into flower any time of year in your greenhouse. This is becoming a widely used technique that allows cannabis production facilities to cultivate more crop cycles per year. Our greenhouses use automated black-out curtain material to create any light cycle your crop type needs to induce flowering or fruiting. We can build any of our packages with this automated light control system.

The light deprivation fabric closes completely with our system to maximize blackout, and fully opens to maximize natural growing light. Interior heat and moisture buildup is minimized by using the high-quality fabrics we provide. Integration with heating, cooling, circulation, and ventilation are built in to create a fully automated system.

We supply everything needed to support a professional greenhouse operation. Here is a list of customized option we can add to any of our greenhouse models including the Prime House S.L.:

  • Lighting: HPS, MH, LED, Fluorescent, Plasma, LEC, and Induction lighting
  • Environmental Balancing with CO2 injection, with less than a 5% variance in a 200 ft. house.
  • Hydroponic Systems of every major type, Drip, Flood Table, NFT, DWC, RDWC, Aero, Etc.
  • Customized propagation systems & components
  • Automatic fertigation feeding & irrigation supplies
  • Heating & Cooling with fully automated controls that can feed to data centers
  • Commercial level humidity control systems
  • Benching and racking systems for growing, including rolling benching
  • Blackout & Light Deprivation Systems
  • Semi automated crop transport systems
  • Rolling Water Carts and watering supplies
  • Water containment systems and feed tank management components
  • Waste water recycling
  • Fogging systems
  • Nutrients and additives (we offer 35 major brands)
  • Pest prevention and mitigation components

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