Cannabis Research:

Recent cannabis studies have answered a number of questions while at the same time opening many more. Cannabis research is being conducted to answer medical, recreational and industrial production questions.

Genetic or Phenotype expression is the first basis of production manipulation. In the past, most cannabis research was conducted through phenotype manipulation. This was conducted by breeding different cannabis varieties and testing cannabinoid and terpenoid output. This method could be used to develop a strain that expresses certain plant compounds. This same method of cannabis breeding could be used to provide industrial production attributes such as mold/pest resistant strains or to specific growth shape, such as a short crop for vertical cannabis farming.

Chemotype expression. Chemovar and cannabis. We have worked with a number of cultivation groups researching the expressed compounds from cannabis. Some groups are adjusting certain cannabis growth inputs to cause certain strains to express atypical cannabinoids. Others are finding the same manipulation can cause certain strains to increase higher concentrations of compounds that are naturally produced.

Recreational cannabis production will follow some of the same trends as pharmaceutical research. Cannabis researchers are finding that the entourage effect is playing an interesting role in combinations of cannabis compounds and how different cannabinoids interact with each other to make a unique effect. Through this entourage research we will find combinations that can become developed to meet certain consumer or medical needs.

We define cannabis cultivation research into four categories:

-Phenotype Research: The breeding of cannabis to take on certain plant characteristics. This is also considered cannabis stock selection.

-Plant Morphology Manipulation Research: The influencing of cannabis plant growth structure to meet certain production needs.

-Chemotype Expression Research: The use of plant inputs to effect cannabis compound production (cannabinoids & Terpenoids).

-Production Efficiency Research: Quantifying the most efficient parameters to produce the level of production to meet production goals.

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