“Management of each garden phase is critical to the highest level of success”

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-Automated Potting Systems

We have facilities that manage as few as 500 plants as well as facilities managing over 200,000 plants. When potting your container garden, time and efficiency is key. Labor can be an expense, which in some cases may warrant an automated or semi-automated potting system. We have systems that range from $20,000-$250,000.

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-Plant trellising system

Omega provides the most advanced yet simplified trellising system in the industry. Including stationary and rolling benches, these high quality yet inexpensive systems are built to scale from short to massively long garden rows.

Are you running DWC/RDWC and need trellising support? We have you covered! The Omega system has thought of everything and supports almost every kind of garden application. A proper trellis support system will ensure you receive the highest level of garden production.

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-Premium Container pots

From the vegetative nursery to the flower room we have the best solutions - our selection of pots includes both fabric and plastic. We carry 4 brands of fabric pots that range from 0.5 gallon to 500 gallons. We stock short and squat pots to tall and slim, all available in multiple colors.

With our plastic pots we offer 5 brands ranging from inexpensive (thin, single use) to very thick models with special root development technologies that will last year after year. We supply plastic pots from 0.25 to 40 gallons in size.

plant transport rolling carts

-Plant transport rolling carts

We supply rolling carts designed for propagation, vegetation, mothering, and flower rooms. Our carts are designed to last for years.

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