“We offer all the options that professional cultivators trust”.

Our cultivators appreciate that we are a full service company offering a comprehensive set of product options. We carry over 35 different brands of nutrients. Two of our most interesting brands are exclusive to us in the United States- Manna & Heavy Harvest.

We carry two brands of Rockwool, three brands of expanded clay/Hydroton, two brands of perlite (in 4 sizes), six brands of coco coir, and over 27 blends from the largest soil/coco/soilless medium brands in the industry. We have choices and we are more than happy to supply you the information on which medium blends (and method of use) are working best in our testing centers. Outside of nutrients and mediums we offer over 7,000 different products from more than 375 brands.

Other brands we offer

- American Hydroponics
- Atami
- Biobizz
- Botanicare
- Cutting edge Solutions
- Dutch Master
- Dyna-Gro
- Emerald Triangle
- Espoma
- Foxfarm
- General Hydroponics
- General Organics
- Green Gro
- Grotek
- Grow More

- Growing Solutions Inc.
- Higrocorp
- Humboldt Nutrients
- Hydro Organics/Earth Juice
- Hydrodynamics International
- MaxiCrop
- Microbe Life Hydroponics
- Micro-TES
- Natural Industries
- Nature’s Solution
- NPK Industries
- Organic Laboratories
- Plant Success
- Rock Nutrients
- Roots Organics

- Rx Green Solutions
- Safer Gro
- Sierra Natural Science
- Sipco
- Soil Secrets
- Soul Synthetics
- Spray-N-Grow
- Super Bat
- Superthrive
- Technaflora
- Vermicrop
- Whitemire
- Xtreme Gardening

Are you interested in our services?

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