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“Climate & quality control for your needs- not just HVAC"

We supply unique cooling/heating/filtration systems using project engineers that have decades of experience working with hospitals and research & development centers. Our systems are the most advanced in the industry and supply the highest level of efficiency while providing the best value in price and performance. Our heating and cooling systems are 25% more efficient than standard HVAC and include a proprietary cleaning system similar to what’s used in microchip manufacturing. Everything is included in a very cost effective package.

The cleanest air on earth for your garden.

Cleanest Air on Earth For Your Garden

Our Virgin Air Filtration system not only traps and kills mold spores, but also removes any type of bio-contaminant that could come into contact with your garden. We achieve this through implementation of clean room air filtration technologies designed directly into our commercially redundant system. The Standard air filtration model provides two modes of air filtration while our Elite model offers four modes of air filtration. Our system is designed for long-term garden reliability by supplying the cleanest air on earth to the crop.

Our Filtration Systems

Although the majority of the facilities we work with are fully climate controlled, garden humidity can still play a strong role the rapid multiplication of pathogens . Our Virgin Air Filtration system combats this in multiple ways, ensuring pristine airflow 24/7. First, our system is designed to balance the entire garden environment, achieving a balance of humidity and temperature throughout every cubic inch of your crop space. Second, we add a uniquely designed, ultra-premium carbon filter that provides added filtration properties that a standard HEPA pre-filter will not. Lastly, the air that is balanced through our delivery system kills pathogens on contact through a natural anti-microbial treatment. Our system supplies ultra-clean, odor-free airflow to your garden.

Our Elite system integrates an ionized-hydro-peroxide generator (IHP filtration technology) with an additional quick-contact UV filter which provides two additional modes of air contaminate removal (killing up to 99.99% of pathogens on contact). Pathogens, such as powdery mildew, won’t stand a chance in your garden environment. All bio-contaminates are filtered out in less than 45 seconds, meaning that if a worker or visitor comes into the garden with outside contaminants the impact will be minimal and quickly neutralized.

Our filtration system is completely plant and human safe. Our system is designed for many years of maintenance-free operation, requiring only a pre-filter replacement every 1-2 years.

Pollen in Breeding Rooms or Flower Rooms

When creating seed stock, the pollen burst that occurs from your crop can quickly contaminate the garden space. In most cases an area dedicated to breeding is used for many types of plants in a given year, creating the issue of cross contamination. Our air filtration system will help to limit the likelihood of cross contamination when switching your breeding schedule. When your garden’s flowering plants are derived from seed stock, our system provides a greater peace of mind. If an unanticipated pollen outbreak occurs, it will be severely limited from contaminating the rest of the garden.

VOC Off-Gassing Filtration

Many different types of plastics, adhesives, and sealants are used during the construction of a warehouse or greenhouse. Some of these compounds (such a phthalic- a compound used in many types of plastic to create malleability) can off-gas when they are exposed to heat or UV from grow lighting or the sun. This vapor can quickly effect plant production, and can even cause garden failure. Our air filtration systems will limit this effect and help to safeguard the garden from VOC toxicity.

Our Systems offer the most pristine garden air

  • 99.8% of garden particles are filtered through the our unique pre-filter
  • 99.99% of surface bacteria, virus, and microbes are destroyed through the air delivery system
  • 99% airborne bacteria is reduced
  • 99.9% of airborne mold spores are reduced
  • 99.9% reduction of plant odor
  • 89% reduction of VOC

Fully Automated Climate Control

Climate control directly effects the quality of the product produced

With our unique climate control system, you can maximize production, create better crop uniformity, and increase product quality and yield. Our climate system is the most energy efficient in the industry, positively affecting your cost per gram over competitors’.

Our proprietary design is so balanced that we can ensure your garden has less than 1.5% difference in temperature, humidity, and CO2. We have the only system in the industry that offers such tight operation parameters.

We have over 20 years of experience installing water-chilled systems in hospitals, research and development centers, universities, server data centers and cannabis production facilities.

Virgin Air water-chilled systems have been installed throughout N. America.

Other climate systems use dehumidifiers in their garden design – we save you money and space by building this into our delivery system.

Our goal is to have the most developed system in the industry that covers the entire environmental supply chain. Cool-Heat-Dry-Clean-InjectCo2-balance

Our water-chilled systems are built with redundancy to ensure performance longevity without any interruptions- ever! We supply 5 ton -100 ton chillers that can handle the largest gardens in the world.

Service and support. We supply a system that easy to maintain and will NEVER require a technician to come near the garden. Virgin Air has a large support staff and network to answer all questions and ensure the highest level of success for years to come.

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