Cannabis Curing room design & devices

“You are near the finish line, let’s ensure the win”

Every phase of cultivation requires control of critical elements to assure the highest level of success. Each phase relies entirely on properly implemented controls. When drying and curing, problems can quickly arise within an unbalanced system. This is why we focus on a quality design with specialized equipment to maintain cannabis quality at the final stages of production (drying/curing). Finishing cannabis requires tightly controlling multiple parameters to make certain that the quality you have produced is maintained to the very final market sale. We have built many different styles of cannabis drying/curing rooms tailored to different spaces and taking into account the management style of the cultivator. We have manufactured and sourced unique systems that provide the highest quality post harvest cannabis. Other cultivation suppliers typically overlook these final critical aspects of production, so we are proud to provide drying and curing systems that honor and maintain the quality of the final product.

10 brands of trimming machines

“Trimming Cannabis – we can make it easier”

“Trimming by hand is still an art that retains the best quality flower”

We not only carry every major brand of trimming machine (both wet and dry) but more
importantly have years of experience with all of them.

In the cannabis world,  degree of friction when trimming directly equates to trichome loss or
degradation. The truth is that there’s not any one trimming machine that can produce hand trimmed quality (even when the manufacturer states “they have the best”).

Quality levels help to determine if automated machines are a good fit for you. You can
determine what level of machine, or how many machines may be needed, based upon your system size in relation to your staffing. Some of our cultivation customers use the automatic trimming machines only for a small portion of their gardens (20-30% for the smallest, most difficult to trim buds). Some facilities use the machines for a greater portion, if not all of their garden. What is the best method for you? It depends on a variety of factors, with the most important being how much of a quality loss is acceptable to offset labor cost and cannabis harvesting timelines.

Another question we are frequently asked in regards to trimming machines is, “which method is better, trimming dry or wet?” Thisquestion has been heavily debated and we have an answer that might help to answer it. Trichomes are more sticky when the plant is alive because the vascular system is still intact, allowing plant hydration. When you harvest the plant and the stem dries out, the trichomes also become less sticky and cure. If trichomes are less sticky they will not not come off of your flower buds as easily as when they are wet. To confirm this we had Steephill labs (located in Berkeley, CA) test the same cannabis plants trimmed on both a wet and dry trimmer. Guess which tested higher for cannabinoids? The dry trimmer! Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we are here to serve!

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