If you grow crops in a greenhouse, you already know that any opportunity to save energy is also an opportunity to save money. And with the cooler temperatures of fall and winter fast approaching, there is no better time to explore the possibilities of energy-saving products. Here are four that are widely-used in greenhouses of all sizes and types.

High-Efficiency Heaters

The right heater can cut your energy costs by almost 50%, so if you’ve been getting by with an older or less-efficient unit, this might be the year to make a change. Look for a 93- or 95-percent efficient product designed for greenhouse usage (one that will not emit ethylene or other compounds that could be harmful to plants).

Energy Curtains

An energy curtain keeps the heat in your greenhouse closer to your crops while also reducing heat radiation. Result? As much as a 30% drop in energy costs. Many greenhouses keep them up in the summer as well, so they can provide shade when the mercury rises.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

A high initial cost has likely kept many growers from making the conversion from incandescent lamps to compact fluorescent bulbs, despite the fact that the latter provide the same benefits while using about 75% less energy. If you’re in this business or hobby for the long term, it’s an investment worth considering.

IR-Polyethylene Film

A polyethylene film can deliver year-round savings. In the winter, this plastic cover reduces heat loss; in the summer, it blocks infrared radiation and reduces ventilation. It’s also one of the lower-priced options on this list, so it will pay for itself in months, not years.

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